Zero Typo Guarantee

We believe that a professional image requires perfection on all levels.

This is most evident in basic spelling and grammar proficiency.

People will not take you seriously if your marketing materials have simple mistakes.

As such, HyperOptic Productions is offering a "Zero Typo Guarantee".

If we ever make a basic spelling or grammar error on your finished product, we will re-make the product at NO COST TO YOU. We eat the mistake, and you get what you ordered... a perfect set of marketing materials, every time! It's also important to note that no clients have needed to use this guarantee!

Just imagine if we had said "Poeple will not take you seriously if you're marketing materials have simpel mistakes." above. (It was like listening to fingernails on a chalkboard just typing that in.) We hope you can appreciate how your company's perceived quality will soar with our ZERO TYPO GUARANTEE.

NOTE: The mistake must have been our fault and not just the result of our perfect duplication of bad information provided by you or your agents. Any printed materials require final sign-off of a proof before they will be printed and delivered.

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