Privacy Policy

The Basics

Our privacy policy is simple: We only use your information to conduct business with you, and for no other reason.

Is My Information Safe with HyperOptic Productions?

We will never sell, rent, or in any other capacity allow your information to be used for anything other than conducting business with you. We use your name, business name (if any), email, phone number, and physical address on the contracts, estimates, emails, or invoices we create for you.

What About My Payment Information?

For maximum security, we store all sensitive information such as payment methods and bank information in heavily encrypted storage systems that are only accessible during retrieval of your information for payment processing. Those systems are then closed as soon as we have completed payment processing and stored in a secure physical location.

Everybody Else Backs Stuff Up to the Cloud... Does HyperOptic Do This As Well?

We will never allow your information to be stored online on any HyperOptic website or on any cloud service. In the unlikely event of catastrophic equipment failure, we would rather lose your information and ask for it again than ever allow your information to be susceptible to hacking activity.

What If My Account on is Compromised?

If you have a website account with us and feel that your account was compromised, contact us immediately and we can change your password.

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