Image Production

Branding and Identity

Logo Design

For distinguishing your company from they myriad of others, nothing is more powerful than a bold, striking, and easily recognizable logo.

HyperOptic Productions is adept at creating a logo that translates well across print, web, video, and apparel.

Whether you need a simple static logo, or 4K 3D animated video of your logo, we can help!

Business Cards

Obviously, for people to remember you and your amazing logo, you need to hand them a business card.

It's the business professional's handshake, and it reminds them of you, and the many ways you can help them.

Whether you need a design, or printed and delivered cards, HyperOptic Productions has you covered!


If a business card is a handshake, a brochure is a sales presentation. It's a memento of your company's product and service offerings that sticks around and repeats your sales pitch every time they pick it up.

Make your sales pitch loud and clear by allowing HyperOptic Productions to create a bold brochure that will stand out against the others on the desk of your prospective client.

eCommerce Services

Product Photography

If you're selling products online, then your potential customers can't actually hold the item they're wanting to buy from you.

Without that tactile feedback, you need to step up your game and include high quality, high resolution, clear product images with every product description.

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3D Product Images

To sell something that doesn't yet exist, such as portable electronics, electric cars, or even proposed building construction... if you need to show what your future product will look like, you need a 3D product visualization.

3D visualizations are also useful if you want to show the internal workings of a mechanical device, or show the swapping of modular components, or if you just want to offer your product in more colors than you have created up to this point.

Whether it's a small 3D image of your product for an eCommerce catalog, images or video of your product rotating so customers can see all sides of it, or a full 4K UHD video showing the working parts of your product... HyperOptic Productions has you covered!

360° Views

Do you have a product that you want to show off from every angle?

Whether it's a real product or a 3D rendered one, HyperOptic Productions can create a full 360° interactive rotation of your product.

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Email Advertising

Email is the best way to deliver an advertisement to prospective and current customers (as long as you have their permission).

Your email shouldn't get lost in all of the others they receive every day.

HyperOptic Productions can custom craft eye-catching email advertisements that will stand out in your customer's inbox.

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Outdoor Advertising

If you drive in populated areas, you see dozens of large billboards advertising every product and service imaginable.

Why not YOUR product or service?

Billboards are seen by tens of thousands of people every day. Use this power to help your business grow!

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Print Ads

If you need print advertisements created for newspapers, magazines, or industry trade papers, HyperOptic Productions can help!

Whether it's a 2-inch-square black-and-white advertisement for a newspaper or a full-page color advertisement for a magazine, we have you covered!

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