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How We Make Logos

Step 1 - Shape After receipt of the deposit, we brainstorm on what shape best identifies your company. A world-class logo invokes immediate recognition and brand identification of the shape. We create 10 widely different logos for you to choose from. You can select one of the existing designs, or blend elements from 2 or more. In that case, we create up to 10 more that blend the chosen elements.

Step 2 - Color We then create 10 color choices that would work well with the logo, accenting the shape. You choose a color (or set of colors) that pleases you. If you already have existing company colors, we can use them in this new logo. In some cases, the shape is striking enough to allow interchangeable colors in the logo, where you can choose multiple colors, and each color would set the application of the logo apart, depending on function. (Accounting is green, sales is blue, etc.)

Step 3 - Fonts The font choice can say as much about your company as shape and color. We carefully choose a font set that is appropriate for your company image. We provide up to 10 choices, and you then select the font that pleases you. You can select one of the existing font layouts, or suggest new ones. In that case, we create up to 10 final mockups, then you make your final selection from those.

Step 4 - Deliver Once you have approved the final logo design and the remaining half of the payment is made, the finished logo is output in multiple sizes and formats suitable for use in any and all marketing avenues. The files (including our working source files) are then sent to you by your preferred delivery method. (FTP, email, shipped DVD, etc.)

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From-Scratch, Custom Logos

Tier 1 Gun Shows

This client required a strong, iconic logo. We created the layered effect to indicate different tiers, tying in to the business name.

Depth of Field

This client desired a strong logo that combined a unique visual feel with the aperture of a camera. We created a chromatic aperture and used it in place of the "O" in the "Depth of Field" text.

Rio Asset Management

Rio tasked our designers with combining elements of the sun and a flowing river. The founder was born in Argentina, whose flag has light blue sections and a bright yellow-orange sun. As such, he requested a similar color palette for his logo and website.

Velocity Funding Logo

Velocity Funding

Velocity Funding provides rapid funding for invoice-based businesses, eliminating the usual 30, 60, or 90 day latency in getting paid. We were challenged to create a logo that would evoke the sensation of speed, combined with check processing. We chose a negative-space arrow which meshes with the black, checkmark-like 'V' for Velocity. The shape is mirrored and echoes to the left, implying great speed and forward motion.

Synapse Logo

Synapse OurStage site Synapse Homepage Synapse MySpace Page

For this logo, we were tasked with creating a logo incorporating the letter 'S' for Synapse, which also simulated the synaptic gap between neurons within the human brain. A font was also chosen that evokes the same feel of the synaptic gaps. The design also implies two tuning forks, playing on the musical theme, and the space between becomes the negative-space 'S' of Synapse.

Alika Productions Logo

Alika Productions

We created a simple yet bold logo for a small comic book publishing company. They wanted something simple yet striking and easily recognizable from a distance.

Restaurant One

A wireless-based restaurant order-taking application was created by Restaurant One. They wanted a logo that implied wireless capability and was also able to interchange an accent color depending on application. In this case, the number '1' is a radio antenna which is pinging its signal outward.

Newer Lights Vector Logo
Newer Lights 3D Logo

Newer Lights, LLC

Client wanted a logo to imply the before and after effects of using their product, which restores clarity in faded headlight lenses. A vector logo was created, then rendered in 3D to increase the impact of the logo as well as make an eye-catching design for product labeling and package design.

HyperOptic Logo

HyperOptic Productions

You didn't think we would outsource our own logo... did you? We chose the frame from 35mm film stock to form the 'H' of HyperOptic, and placed the word segments from HyperOptic into each exposed 'frame'. Although the logo is square, it is offset by 15 degrees to imply that we cannot be confined by any conventional 'boxes'.

Brackman71 deviantArt site

The owner and founder of HyperOptic Productions is also our lead creative director, and posts his personal artwork on deviantArt. He was looking for a striking, recognizable icon to place on all artwork uploaded there. The periodic table of the elements was used as inspiration, and the chit for element "Brackman71" was created.

Standard Drop

Standard Drop creates remotely accessible hardened (nearly bullet-proof) drop boxes for sensitive material. Think of it as a newspaper stand meets ATM meets airport locker. They requested a striking logo that would be embossed into the metal frame of the cabinets.

RSG Logo

Revenue Software Group

Revenue Software Group was a software distribution company that required a logo that implied growing and expanding profitability. The procession of larger and bolder triangles has a fractal feel to it, and also implies an arrow pointing up and to the right.

Dubnium Records

As a startup non-profit record company, Dubnium Records wanted a logo that would imply 'something scientific and loud'. Our designers decided to use the atomic element Dubnium (element 105) as their inspiration, which tied in with audio "dub"bing and the atomic number of Dubnium implied 105 decibels of sound level. Loud indeed!

On Time Mailing and Distribution

The idea for this logo is one that would mimic a metered postage stamp, implying the core function of On Time Mailing and Distribution's business... Nationwide bulk mailing, shipping, and fulfillment services for printed periodicals. This logo complements the site design, which was made to look like a package ready for shipping.


Rescued (Reconstructed) Logos

Rescued (Reconstructed) Logo 

Team S.Crude

This is typical of a logo rescue... Blurry and ugly bitmapped image that needed to be updated to allow inclusion in many more formats (T-Shirt Designs, vinyl stickers, etc.).

Our experienced graphic designers manually re-created the threads on the screw used in the logo.

Notes About Pricing

All prices shown on this site are before taxes. HyperOptic Productions is based in Texas, and the tax rate here is 8.25%. Any taxes due will be listed on the invoices you receive for any work we complete for you as a client.