Get Discounts by Helping Us Grow

As a "Thank You" for helping HyperOptic grow, any referral that results in completed business (invoices that are paid in full) will result in a discount towards your next purchase.

The referral discount is 10% of the total payment received by the referred client, with the maximum discount being 50% off.

Mix and match your referral discounts to save money on future purchases - up to 50% off of any invoice total!

For example, you refer 2 clients, one that purchases the "Gold Package" for video production (a $3,999 value) and another that purchases a "Custom Logo" (a $1,999 value). This would give you $399.90 from the video package referral and $199.90 from the logo referral... for a total referral discount of $599.80. If you then order a "Logo Rescue" (a $499 value), you could apply up to $249.50 in savings from your balance, leaving you with $350.30 to apply to future purchases. 

There is no limit to the number of referrals you can provide; however, if any referral decides not to take advantage of HyperOptic's services, you would receive no referral discount. They must actually buy something for you to qualify for the discount.